Microwave barrier – construction and principle of operation

Are you analyzing how to increase the protection of your own home, apartment or company? Maybe the increasingly used microwave barrier will be a good choice? What are the characteristics of this type of devices? What do they consist of? How can optimal performance be achieved?

What is the microwave barrier used for and when is it used?

Simply put, a microwave barrier is purchased to ensure adequate protection. Not only household members, but also employees, specific property, etc. It is worth noting at the very beginning that the professional microwave barrier is chosen by both individual and business customers. It is used, for example, to protect houses, apartments, balconies, terraces … When it comes to business customers, it is perfect, for example, at airports. There is no shortage of valuable equipment in such locations. It is therefore not surprising that various forms of security are used. A professionally made and programmed microwave barrier is also perfect for … in the case of, among others, prisons. In this aspect, it is used in several different ways. Among other things, it serves to protect these buildings. For example, against people who would like to get inside for various purposes. For example, in order to provide information, various elements to inmates (used to get out of prison, but not only), etc. Additionally, an appropriate barrier is designed to ensure that none of the prisoners leave this place on their own. Where else are devices from this group used? In power plants, refineries, factories, etc. Sometimes such equipment is found within shopping centers … This clearly shows that the use of such elements is extremely diverse.

What does the microwave barrier consist of?

Do you think that the construction of such devices is quite complicated? In practice, however, it is different. After all, the construction is not particularly confusing. First of all, a modern microwave barrier consists of a transmitter and a receiver. There must be a close correlation between these devices. In fact, only then will you be able to count on the device to work properly. Therefore, it cannot be, for example, that transmitters and receivers (sometimes also referred to as transmitters and receivers by manufacturers) are too far apart. The person installing and programming these accessories should know exactly what the maximum distance is. Of course, it cannot be exceeded. In addition, there are also other accessories here. It’s definitely about programming hardware.

What is the working principle of the microwave barrier?

The principle of operation itself is also quite simple to explain. The modern microwave barrier is therefore not too complicated on this plane. The main point is that an appropriate electromagnetic beam is created as a result of microwaves with a relatively high frequency. The whole process takes place between the transmitter and the receiver. Programming is more complicated. At the beginning, it is important that the transmitter and receiver are not too far apart. Then you need to assign specific types of signals to categories. An alert cannot be sent without reason. Each disturbing signal is thoroughly analyzed. On this basis, it is assessed whether it is necessary to send an analog or digital signal (for example to people working in security) or not. Sometimes specific signals result from a sudden change in weather conditions, etc. In fact, proper programming is the key to success. What happens when, for example, an intruder shows up at the airport? Then there is a signal that is analyzed. The devices are able to assess whether the situation is serious (if so, an alarm is triggered).

Microwave barriers – how to choose the right one?

Nowadays, there are more and more stores with such devices. This does not mean that you can choose the first equipment from the shore. It is definitely worth choosing devices from the appropriate manufacturers. Of course, technical parameters also matter. As already mentioned in today’s article, transmitters and receivers cannot be placed too far apart from each other. It is therefore worth checking the specific area at the beginning, taking measurements, and then buying such devices that will work in a given location. Fortunately, a microwave barrier with, for example, a range of several hundred meters can be freely purchased. It is worth choosing devices for a specific application. Slightly different equipment is optimal for private use, and different, for example, in the case of airports, prisons, etc. Buy microwave barriers that work well in a variety of weather conditions (pay attention to the temperature scale, for example). In addition, try to choose equipment that will have an adjustable sensitivity range.