How to protect our home from unwanted insects?

How to protect our home from unwanted insects? We associate the holiday season with long and, above all, hot days. It is not without reason that every household member opens the windows to ventilate the room and expects at least the moment when it stops feeling the terrible heat. Unfortunately, it is a treat for many insects, and above all for mosquitoes, which can spoil the holiday mood. In order not to lose your good mood and protect yourself from being bitten, it is enough to invest in mosquito nets.

Simple solutions are not always effective

One of the easiest solutions to protect against insects is a mesh made of fiberglass, which is particularly resistant to changing temperature and weather conditions. An additional advantage of this material is resistance to UV rays. In order for the entire structure to stay in place, it should be glued from the outside of the window frame. Adhesive tape or velcro is used to hold the net, unfortunately both the first and second method over time cease to hold the net stably, and the whole material starts to detach. If you care about a much more durable solution, you should consider custom-made mosquito nets. Options available on the market will meet many requirements and standards.

Multi-season option

In order to ensure proper circulation of rooms on hot days and not to be exposed to mosquito attacks, it is enough to consider buying frame mosquito nets. The most important parameter necessary for the right selection will be the exact dimensions of the window on which the mosquito net will be installed. Its construction is based on mesh and PVC profiles, many stores also offer aluminum versions. It is worth noting the assembly itself, which is very intuitive and even child’s play. The installation itself consists in attaching the rotary handles to the window frames. Frame mosquito nets are also easy to dismantle, which makes them easier to clean. In the case of this variant, remember to dismantle them in the winter, so as not to expose them to unnecessary damage caused by lower temperatures.

Mosquito nets worthy of attention

If you want to enjoy the functionality of mosquito nets and do not have to deal with their seasonal assembly and disassembly, all you have to do is choose openable or rolled models. The first item in its equipment has magnets that are responsible for keeping the mosquito net in the right position. In order to have a 100% guarantee that no unwanted intruder will get into our apartment, manufacturers include brush seals in the opening variants. The whole structure with this element gains additional security. When installing such a mosquito net, remember that it should have increased stiffness so that it fulfills its tasks properly.

Another solution worth attention is the purchase of rolled mosquito nets, which are equipped with a special spring mechanism with guides. Inside the cassette there is a net, which, after unfolding, is attached to either the hook strip or the catches in the guide. At the moment of unlocking the net from the holders, it is rolled up in the cassette with the use of a retarder that protects against unnecessary damage. Due to the presence of vertical and horizontal models on the market, rolled mosquito nets are an ideal solution for patio and balcony doors. Moreover, they are also used in the context of roof windows. In this situation, the entire structure is fixed inside the building.

Sliding model

This type of mosquito nets will be suitable for consumers who want to install adequate protection against insects in glazed recesses such as terraces or balconies. The mechanism of this model is based on a sash that moves on the upper and lower guides. Depending on the chosen variant, it is a one- or two-lane traffic. Due to the high popularity of the sliding mosquito net, manufacturers offer various guides that will be used depending on the height of the threshold. This greatly facilitates its assembly and significantly improves functionality.

What color composition to choose?

Many top manufacturers are aware of the fact that in addition to the obvious functionality, which is protection against insects, there is also an aesthetic aspect. It is not without reason that the frames of modern mosquito nets come in classic colors, such as white and brown, ending with shades imitating wood. In order to maintain the vivid color of mosquito nets, frame profiles are often covered with special powder paints that protect against the negative impact of changing weather conditions.

All the tips contained in the text above will certainly help you choose the right mosquito net that will ensure proper air circulation on warm days, while protecting against insects, and these, in turn, are certainly not a welcome guest in our homes.