How to choose the perfect protective clothing?

Jak wybrać idealną odzież ochronną?

How to choose the perfect protective clothing? Contrary to appearances, the perfect selection of OHS clothing plays a very important role, so it is worth spending some time choosing the right type of clothing for the employee’s long-term service. This article is an excellent proposition for anyone who plans to buy new workwear in the near future. It will provide the appropriate knowledge on what to look for and what elements to pay attention to when buying such clothing.

What to look for when choosing workwear?

When choosing new OHS clothing, it is important not only that it is what the employee prefers, but above all, it is tailored to the specifics of his profession. It should also be remembered that in many industries there is a top-down order to wear certain workwear. Such orders are imposed on entrepreneurs by the Labor Code, specifying in detail the circumstances in which employees must wear OHS clothing. It is the business owner’s responsibility to provide such clothing. Workers can only be adequately protected if appropriate clothing is selected according to the occupation and the risks involved.

There are many manufacturers on the market who sew and sell protective clothing, and there are many options to choose from. What are you looking for? As you can easily guess, when choosing new clothes, you should pay special attention to its quality, and above all to the material from which it is made. Occupational safety clothing in the workplace should be made of high-quality materials that provide excellent resistance to damage and stains, while being lightweight and breathable for the comfort of workers. If the employee is to spend 8 or 10 hours a day in it, he must be comfortable in it. The most popular materials are cotton and blends of cotton with other materials. Some mixtures are created with specific hazards and industries in mind. When choosing protective clothing, it is worth checking it carefully.


Choosing the perfect work outfit should also depend on the season and how often your employees will be working outdoors. As you can easily guess, in winter it is worth betting on warm clothing that not only protects against dust or pollution, but also protects employees from the cold. These garments usually come with a dedicated under suit. In the summer, work clothes should be made of thinner and more breathable materials that can prevent overheating and unpleasant sweating of the body, thus improving the comfort of employees. If we work at night or in dangerous, busy places, it is worth making sure that the suit has special safety reflectors, thanks to which we will be properly visible.

High-quality workwear

There are many manufacturers of workwear on our market, but it must be honestly said that very few of them offer high-quality products. When deciding to buy new OHS clothing, it is worth choosing products from well-known manufacturers that have a good reputation among entrepreneurs. High-quality clothing must not only be extremely durable and comfortable, but also stain-resistant and washable. Due to the specificity of many professions, workwear is often exposed to high mechanical damage, which is why we should take this into account when choosing clothing manufacturers. Branded OHS clothing is a long-term investment that pays off instantly. Therefore, it is better to invest a lot of money in good quality clothes right away than to buy mediocre clothes all the time.

Safety first

In many professions, the main task of protective clothing is, of course, to protect employees from various types of injuries, as well as from substances with which they come into contact in the workplace. In many industries, occupational health and safety clothing must meet appropriate quality and safety standards and be documented with the necessary certificates. Branded protective clothing is very important for construction workers, production workers and those who work in factories that contain a lot of harmful chemicals. In addition, depending on the workplace, additional protective clothing such as gloves, coveralls, coveralls or special work shoes may be required.

Perfectly matched size

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the suit should fit perfectly. Be especially careful when ordering this type of clothing online. The safest is, of course, in a stationary store where you can try on the purchased clothes. The same size from many manufacturers will often be completely different. Well-fitting clothing is, above all, greater comfort at work, because the clothes are neither too small nor too big. This is important considering how many hours a day we spend on it.