How much is the island in the mall?

How much is the island in the mall? The exhibition island located in the shopping center is an attractive and at the same time effective way to run your first business. This type of solution brings a number of advantages that are worth mentioning. What is a shopping island in a mall? How to design an island? Why is the exhibition island noteworthy? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read. 

What is a shopping island in a mall?

If we decided to define a shopping island, we could come to the conclusion that it is a small point located in shopping malls or passages. It is thanks to it that it is possible to present your products and, additionally, to sell them. Trading activity in this form makes a lot of sense in many industries. It is true that we associate commercial islands with small business activities, but this does not mean that there is no possibility of earning satisfying money. A frequent phenomenon is, for example, duplication of keys, repair of smartphones, sale of stationery, sale of coffee and tea or sale of jewelry. The proper arrangement of a jewelry store is of great importance. Jewelery displaysare actually mandatory. It is worth mentioning, however, that these small stands in shopping centers are increasingly used by international brands that have a huge budget. This is an effective way for them to reduce costs, which often means that the financial analysis at the end of a given period is definitely more favorable. This is for a simple reason – renting commercial islands is much more profitable than renting premises. Let us remember that when deciding on an island, we must take into account that contracts are often several years old, and an attempt to break them involves paying a considerable penalty.

How to design an island?

There is no denying that the arrangement of stores is of great importance. Certainly, we want our trade stand to attract the eyes of others. In addition, we must take into account the fact that it will not be possible without the economical management of a small space. Exhibition islandit is used not only for selling and storing goods. We must not forget that the seller must move freely inside – the space to communicate with customers is of great importance. It often happens that we present individual items of an interested person. Thus, the appropriate construction of the island not only allows for exposure, but also fulfills utility functions. Of course, we can’t forget about the previously mentioned design. It is best when the stand surprises with its shape, form or color. In all this, we must realize what moderation is. If we stand out from the competition too defiantly, then it will reflect badly on our reputation and perception. It should look similar to the arrangement of a shoe store– everything must be done with grace and sophistication. In the event that we are not fully aware of what our island in the shopping center should look like, it is worth choosing an advanced design company. Specialists in the design of trade stands are able to create perfect islands that are distinguished by the fact that they meet all modern standards, and at the same time do not disappoint in terms of design.

Why is the exhibition island noteworthy?

Why is it worth investing in a display island? We are in a hurry to answer! First of all, a very attractive location is of great importance. As a rule, such places are located in huge shopping centers – thousands of people walk there every day. As a consequence, we can advertise our products through their appropriate and interesting display. The islands are clearly visible because they are located in the middle of the passages. This leads to the fact that customers will see our products anyway. The great advantage is above-average security. In the shopping center we can count on 24/7 security. At any time, we can ask for recordings from the monitoring, and additionally, our business is watched over by specialized security guards at all times.

How much will we pay for the island in the mall?

Wondering how much it costs to rent an island in a mall? Contrary to appearances, the answer to this question is not the easiest, because everything depends on several factors. Issues such as location are important – the more favorable it is, the more we will have to pay. The size of the place is also important, sometimes our turnover. However, if we decided to average individual rates, then we could come to the conclusion that we would pay from PLN 140 to PLN 170 per square meter of the island. For comparison, renting a place costs several times more.