Are event tents only for events?

Czy namioty eventowe są przeznaczone tylko na imprezy?

Are event tents only for events? Are you thinking of organizing a birthday party, wedding or other event, but you don’t want to organize any event in your own home? Throwing a party is not an easy task, especially if you cannot afford it in your apartment – for example, you are worried about damaging your furniture or other valuables.

A good solution may be to rent an event tent, which will provide great fun in the open air. Renting a tent hall and renting LED furniture will allow you to organize almost any event you can imagine. The only limitation in organizing such an event is your imagination. It is best to use such a tent in the summer, because then we are least afraid of sudden rain. Event tents can be used not only to organize events, but also to plan other types of events. Where are event tents and tent halls used? What additional services are worth using? You will find answers to these and other annoying questions by reading the following articles.

Weddings, communions, birthdays

  • Wedding parties – Weddings are the most common reason for renting marquees. Outdoor weddings have become very popular recently. Such a marquee can be used as the main wedding hall, but also as a small room outside where guests can sit on the sofa or take a picture with fun props. When organizing a wedding in a tent, you can also use other services, such as renting a party or a bar – which will add the right touch to the party.
  • Holy Communion – It is also worth organizing Holy Communion in the event tent, mainly because this sacrament takes place in the warmer months, such as May and June.
  • Birthdays – If you don’t have a birthday in the middle of winter, you can organize it in a tent. All you need is a few balloons, confetti and other decorations, a grill, a few tables and chairs, and fun is guaranteed. If you dream of a slightly more elegant birthday, all you have to do is design a different decor, rent catering, a bar and dance floor, rent heating and you can party until dawn with your guests.

Corporate events and family gatherings

  • Company banquet – company banquet in the backyard? Why not. Organizing a company lunch may seem like a good solution if you want to integrate your employees, but is there a better way? Yes of course! Outdoor banquet. This solution is especially appreciated by people who work in closed offices on a daily basis.
  • Garden Party – Are you planning to spend a wonderful afternoon with your loved ones? If the weather is nice, rent a party tent, set up a barbecue, make snacks, throw a garden party and spend a wonderful day. This type of event will surely attract your family and friends. You don’t need a party tent or other services to organize it. You can organize everything yourself.

Concerts and discos

  • Concerts – do you play or sing in any bands? Do you have your own band and want others to hear you? Organize your own concert. If you are planning to organize a small concert for family and friends, you can also use solutions such as renting an event tent. It is also worth renting a stage and a dance floor so that guests can have fun and dance to your music. However, if you don’t want to incur additional costs, you can build a stage yourself and build a place to dance.
  • Disco – Tents are often used to organize discos, but did you know that you can set them up in your own garden? It is enough to rent a small event tent, take care of the decorations, dance floor and megaphone. There are tons of online mixes of club music to choose from for the event – and of course you can create your own playlists of your favourites.

Fairs, horse races, city days and festivities

  • Fairs – Do you have a hobby you want to share with the world? If you are going to an exhibition where you can show your interest, you can rent a exhibition tent. In this tent, fair participants will be able to see what you show them and buy your products.
  • Racing Cars – Marquee for racing cars? surely. However, it will not be one large tent, but several smaller ones – these are the corner points.
  • City Days and Festivals – These events are also a great opportunity to use party tents. As with trade fairs, you can use them to showcase your products, and offer services such as face painting, costume dressing, or fun photos.

As you can see, event tents can be used in many ways – the only limit is your imagination.