A loan for the development of tourism

Pożyczka na rozwój turystyki

Loan for the development of tourism – Entrepreneurship Eastern Poland. It is difficult to indicate which sector of the economy has been more affected by the coronavirus pandemic than tourism. So apparently that’s where the most money will go in rebuilding customer potential and traction. One of the tools offered to entrepreneurs is the “Loan for tourism development”.

The interest rate on loans offered by the Polish Entrepreneurship Foundation is huge. – We observe a special turn in this topic after the tourist season, when the owners of facilities decide to renovate or invest in their companies. The loan is aimed at increasing the attractiveness and innovation of tourist products in the eastern part of the country. The effects of our support are already visible in many places – says Marcin Pawłowski, president of the Polish Entrepreneurship Foundation.

The Polish Entrepreneurship Foundation has signed a business agreement to create a loan of financial instruments for the development of the tourism industry. PFP grants loans from the funds of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, the purpose of which is to finance projects of micro, small and medium enterprises in eastern Poland.

Loans for tourism development – ​​We have a large number of interested entrepreneurs. From typical tourism to companies that expand their activities for the development of tourism. Therefore, the Podlaskie Voivodeship is a region conducive to this development. Entrepreneurs often plan to redevelop boarding houses, redevelop real estate for short-term rental or introduce various novelties to their business. This is one of the few preferential vehicles in Poland that allows you to buy real estate. In addition, we support mobile entrepreneurs. We are talking about restaurants or tourist facilities most affected by the blockade – says Małgorzata Kowalewicz from the Polish Entrepreneurship Foundation.

– We are known for our loan prices and personal approach to our clients. In commercial banking, customer evaluation is very informative, we approach customers in a personalized way, we are able to take into account their current situation and take this into account when planning loans – adds the PFP expert. – We also have the opportunity to support very popular start-ups – he added.

The maximum loan amount is up to PLN 500,000. It is characterized by a low fixed interest rate and the possibility of a grace period for repayment of the loan, even up to a year. It has a repayment period of up to seven years. Entrepreneurs do not have to have their own contribution, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the specificity of the industry, at the initiative of the Polish Entrepreneurship Foundation, the contract may contain provisions for even six-month credit holidays, if they are needed. West Pomeranian Business Loans

– The effect of the support must be the extension of the offer, the improvement of the quality of products and services and the extension of the tourist season in the eastern voivodeships of Poland. Entrepreneurs operating in various industries may also apply for support, if the submitted application shows that the planned investment concerns supporting tourism and tourism-related activities – explains Marcin Pawłowski, President of PFP. Therefore, accommodation facilities, social care homes, hotels, cultural institutions, as well as producers of regional products, handicrafts or companies dealing in tourist transport, etc., can apply for co-financing.

More information can be found on the website of the Polish Entrepreneurship Foundation.